Best short term courses after 12th with internship.

Basically short term courses after 12th are the courses that give a boost to your career. It is an additional skills column for your Curriculum vitae (CV). These courses help you find reputed job opportunities and, promotion for a better standard of living. It is very important for a student to research about all the courses and then to make a proper decision that he/she wants to join which courses. This choice is very important as the future of the student depends on the choice. Some short term courses are as follows:

  • Graphic designing.
  • Digital marketing Course
  • Auto cad
  • Safety management
  • Tally
  • Web designing and development
  • Animation
  • Networking
  • Stock market course
  • Beautician course
  • Language course
  • Diploma in computer application
  • Diploma in financial accounting
  • Photography course
  • Video editing course

Here we discuss a brief discussion of short term courses after 12th:

1. Graphic designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing refers to the process of communicating ideas through the creation of visual images and videos. It is based on the creativity and imagination of the designer. No doubt this course is one of the best courses and this course is one of the best short term courses after 12th. The more creative idea the better will be the delivery of the idea to the users. Basically graphic designer uses typography and photography to create the message in the form of text, image, and video in order to provide the message to the users in an attractive way. Typography plays the most important role in graphic designing.

Here are some most popular and reputed graphic designing institutes in Delhi

  • Indian Institute of art and design
  • Sanjay Web Designer
  • Graphic design institute in Delhi
  • Caba Innovatives
  • MAAC


2. Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is the modern way of marketing. It is the topmost short term courses after 12th. Most of the students engaged in digital marketing after the 12yh. Digital marketing consist of modules like Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, Google Ads, and many other useful modules, this course will help you to succeed in every field of the business as digital marketing is required in every field of the business. Every successful business has a leading website and every leading website built and created by a brilliant digital marketer. So if anyone wants to become an all-rounder in the business line he/she should opt digital marketing.

Here are some best digital marketing institutes in Delhi:

3. Auto Cad

Auto Cad

Auto Cad is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting system. It was innovated by Autodesk in December 1982 as a desktop app running on a microcomputer with internal graphic controllers. Auto Cad is available in different variations like AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 360, and Student version. Moreover, Auto Cad is available on windows, mac, IOS, Android. AutoCAD used by draftsmen, project managers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, and other professionals. Auto Cad requires special qualifications everyone cannot use this application. People who have done a course in using this app can use this application and can work on it.

Here are some Auto cad institutes in Delhi:

  • ADMEC Multimedia
  • CAD training institutes
  • Aptron
  • Pisces Education: 3D Max Institute, AutoCAD Training
  • Design Academy – Autodesk Authorized, AutoCAD

4. Safety management

Safety Management

Safety management refers to maintaining a safe and secure environment in the works place and applying principles, rules, and regulations in order to prevent injuries and any kind of mishap. It is the systematic process of managing safety in the workplace. The main purpose of safety management is to neutralize the effect of any accident, environmental damage. This process consists of some basic responsibilities like ethical responsibility, management responsibility.

Here are some reputed Safety management institutes in Delhi:

  • Global Safety Management Institute
  • International Institute of Security and Safety Management
  • Institute of Fire Engineering & Safety Management – Delhi
  • National Institute of Fire & Safety Management
  • Indian Safety Solutions

5. Tally


Tally courses are for both who belong to accounting or non-accounting arts or science background. Anyone willing to succeed his/her career in accounting taxation and payroll can opt for this course of Tally. Tally function for both small and larger business and it has many capabilities. The aim components of tally are Accounting, Billing, Payroll, inventory, and banking. In other words, tally is software that is used for accounting purposes and generating daily reports quickly.  By learning the tally software one can easily operate interest calculation; cash fund flow, bank reconciliation, cheque management, E-payments, balance sheet, and profit and loss statements, etc.

Here are some top tally institutes in Delhi:

  • Aptron
  • Attitude- The World of Professionals
  • Oxford Software Institute
  • Arth Institute

6.Web Designing and Development

Web Designing and Development

Web designing and development refers to the process of creating a website that can be created on HTML or WordPress and on many other platforms. This course is a leading short term courses after 12th. This process undertaken by a company to start the online business of that company and also to make an online profile of the company. Web designing and development consist of each and every aspect of website formation from the basic theme to the high-end coding. These websites are also connected to other social platforms in order to grab the consumer to the website of the particular company this process is important as well as a necessary part of each and every business in this 21st century.

Here are some best Web Designing and Development institutes in Delhi:

  • ADMEC Multimedia institute
  • Web development institute
  • TGC India
  • Caba Innovatives
  • Acrotech


7. Animation

The animation is a process in which pictures are edited in such a way so that they appear as moving images. Moreover, in animation, the dimensions of the images are changed to 3D, 2D, etc. so that they appear in a running manner. Animation course is a very good option as a short term courses after 12th .the techniques which are used in animation are traditional animation, full animation, limited animation, rotoscoping, live-action/animation, stop motion animation, puppet animation, clay animation, cutout animation, silhouette animation, computer animation, 2D and 3d animation, Mechanical animation and many more.

Here are some best animation institutes in Delhi:

  • Arena Animation
  • Picasso Animation College
  • Njoy Arts
  • Reliance Education
  • AAFT

8. Computer Networking

Nowadays, every business is running on computer networking. Any business cannot survive without networking. Everybody needs to know about computer networking because in every office they have work on a particular computer network. Computer networking is the process of communication a device with the other device through networks there are some types of networks like wide area network (WAN), Local area network (LAN), configuring internet protocol (IP), configuring internet protocol (OSI) these all are networking tools.

Here are some best Computer Networking institutes of Delhi:

  • Jetking Okhla Computer Hardware and Networking Institute
  • HiTech Institute
  • Network Bulls
  • Aptron
  • IICS- Indian Institute of  Computer Science


9. Stock Market Course

The stock market course is also one of the best courses. Basically, in this course, you will get to know how to deal with the stock market and how to deal with the shares of your client.  In this course, you will get to know about the Demat account and also how to become a professional broker at the stock exchange. Moreover, you can become a stock market advisor or consultant. In this course, you will gain knowledge about the price variation in the shares and when and when not to invest in the market. You will be able to make strategies for the share market and you will be able to analyze the situation of the market very easily.

Here are some top stock market institutes in Delhi:

  • WebCom
  • Professional Traders Academy
  • NIFM
  • ISM- Institute of Stock Market
  • ICFM- Institute of Career in Financial Market

10. Beautician course (Cosmetology)

Cosmetology course is mostly opted by girls but the truth is that it is for both genders boys and girls. In this course, you will get to learn about different body treatments. Cosmetology means the study of beauty treatments. This course is also one of the top short term courses after 12th.   The course consists of three different segments which are hair, makeup, and skin. This course is very beneficial for those who want to succeed as a makeup artist, hairstylist, and skin care specialist. After completing this course you can easily get a job in any reputed salon or you can become a freelance artist as well as you can start your own salon or clinic.

Here are some most popular cosmetology institutes of Delhi:

  • Lakme academy
  • Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers
  • VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition
  • IWP- International Women Polytechnic
  • Euro Chroma

11. Language Course

Learning a new language plays an important role as it increases your vital skills. Language courses are the best option. Learning a different language will help you to communicate with the people who belong to a different culture and country. As we know now the business is so much interconnected and interdependent that one business needs to communicate with another. And that other business can be located in any other country so then how will you communicate and influence the other company if they will not understand your language?  Here is the answer to it you can easily tackle this situation by learning new languages within a few months. This course will help you not only to increase your skills but also you will get to know about different cultures and will be able to communicate in different languages very easily.

Here are some top most language course institutes of Delhi:

  • Oracle Language Institute
  • Langma School of Languages
  • Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Nihonkai Japanese Language Institute
  • InLingua

12. Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)

A computer is used for almost every business in the 21st century. So it is a great option to start with this course after 12th because getting trained in the computer and Its field will help you to gain knowledge about the most useful gadget of this century that is a computer. On the basis of this course, you can easily apply for a job in a highly reputed company. This course will help to understand the modern features of the computer system and moreover, it will help you to know about the shortcuts of using the computer system. Nowadays computers used for budgeting, calculation, maintaining stock, etc.

Here are some best computer application institutes of Delhi:

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Computer Applications and Management (BVICAM)
  • Dics Computer Education
  • Oxford Software Institute
  • Arth Institute
  • College Duniya

13. Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA)

In order to pursue this course, one should have to pass 12th and should have mathematics as a compulsory subject. This course will help you to enhance your skills in the accounting and finance sector. One can easily apply for this course if he/she has completed the above-mentioned protocols. This course is a 1-year course there are many institutes which are providing this course. The person can become a billing clerk, bookkeeping clerk, tax accountant, financial advisor, financial consultant, etc.

Here are some best institutes of Delhi for (DFA):

  • ICA
  • IFM-The Institute Of Finance & Management
  • IFA-Indian Financial Academy
  • The Institute Of Professional Accountants

14. Photography Course

This course is known to be the leading short term courses after 12th. Most of the youth are distracted and interested in this course. As we know a photograph carries a lot of memories with itself and a photograph means a lot for every human being as it carries the memories of that some particular events so everyone wants to hire some who can take great photographs at the occasions and event so that they can make the most rememberable moment of their life in just a single click. This course will help you to get great experience in the photography line. You can also apply in various movie shots and model shoots after completing this course. You can also work as a freelance after completing this course is the best option for those who want to follow their passion for photography.

Here are some best Photography institutes of Delhi:

  • Delhi College of Photography
  • School of Photography SOP
  • Pixel Photography
  • Shoots and Shoots Photography and Film Academy

15. Video Editing Course

Video editors are demanded in every industry. Every industry wants a video editor in order to create a video to make the people aware of their product and service. A video can leave a great impact on the people if the video is correctly edited and is based on a good topic. By doing this course one can easily earn money as a freelancer and can get a job in any industry. One can also work as a video director in short films and movies after completing this course.

Here are some top video editing institutes of Delhi:

  •  TGC India
  • Mantra Adcom | Video Editing Institute in Delhi
  • RK Films & Media Academy | RKFMA
  • Video Editing Course Institute Delhi


However, this helps us understand that short term courses after 12th are extremely helpful for your career growth. Therefore, we recommend any course of your choice; with the emergence of digital marketing, you can go ahead with these courses as they will increase your chances of earning money through freelancing.

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