Earn money from Facebook page, now!

How to earn money from Facebook page?

You can start to earn money from Facebook page right now. Yes! You just need to follow a few easy steps and process. Therefore, anyone can start earning from Facebook pages all you need to do is focus on the niche of the page and to start working on the content. To start earning from Facebook pages follow the steps below:

  • Research- Find the topic and title of the page
  • Target- Start posting good quality content
  • The result- Earn by selling Facebook likes
  • Time to go big- Start listing on Facebook marketplace
  • Take the big leap- Earn through Facebook advertisements

Let us now share the simple-looking steps in a detailed manner to give you a clear picture of the ways that can help you earn.

  1. Find the topic and title of the page

This is the main and basic step of the process. However, if you are not able to choose a specific topic and correct title for your page you cannot move further in this process of earning through the Facebook page. The topic and title should be related to your business and company. Your title should be catchy and meaningful as it will affect the interest of the buyer and the viewers. The title is basically related to the niche of your business. The reports show that pages with related and catchy titles are more successful as compared to irrelevant titled pages. Therefore, you need to make a classy and simple title.

  1. Start posting good quality content

This step is the most important step in order to earn money from Facebook page. However, this step requires the toughest part that is posting good quality content. Basically, this step is the basic thing which generates the audience to your page. If this step is not completed in a proper way then you will not be able to generate an audience to the page. The audience is attracted to those pages which provide useful and good quality content. Moreover, the content should also be related to your title. It has been seen that people post unrelated topics on their pages just to create hype and to distract the audience to their page. For once they will get a great audience for a while but it will not work for the long run.

  1. Earn by selling Facebook likes

This method is the easiest method of earning money through Facebook. In this method, you can sell out likes to Facebook users. But through this method, you cannot make the same amount of many every time as because there are thousands of people out there who might be selling these likes on a cheap price.

The general prices of likes are as follows:

  • 5000 likes for Rs. 5000
  • 10000 likes for Rs. 9000
  • 20000 likes for Rs. 18000

And there are many packages that you can buy which will provide you monthly likes on your page and profile. According to the sources, this method of earning is easy but this method is not good for the long run.

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  1. Start listing on Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is one of the best options to earn money from Facebook page. Basically, the Facebook marketplace is a section of Facebook where you can easily buy or sell a thing like apparels, gadgets, etc.  this place does not charge a single penny to sell anything on this platform. However, through this platform one can connect their products and can list the products on the Facebook marketplace.

  1. Earn through Facebook advertisements

Facebook advertisements are the best way to earn money and traffic on your page. Therefore, this method consists of a few steps as follows:

  • Click on promote option
  • Choose how you want to promote ( post-boost, promote your page, get a video’s view, etc.)
  • Choose your TG (target audience) and set your budget
  • Create your advert
  • Choose your ad placement

By following these easy steps one can easily start earning through Facebook advertisements. If you want to learn how to earn you can join the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.


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