Unique insights about the freelancing work (Even if you’re a Total Beginner)

What is Freelancing Work?

Freelancing is a word that excites a lot of our young generation. However, I began my freelancing work career over a year ago. It is mainly about grabbing an opportunity to work with some high-growth startups and knowledgeable individuals. When it comes to the pricing, it depends on the quality of work that you deliver. I have worked as a freelancer for content marketing services, and as my work speaks for itself, I never had to negotiate. Freelancing for the digital platforms is like establishing yourself as an expert within the field. However, now I have a long list of clients but this does not happen overnight and you have to work for it. As freelancing, mainly depends on strategic positioning, hours of hard work, and good timing. However, the most important part of freelancing is that you learn the tricks and tips from a digital marketing institute.

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With my experience, I can surely share some of the best points about freelancing in the Digital Marketing field. However, you need to get serious if you want to multiply your self-employed income. Here are the 12 tips to help you earn during your first year of freelancing.

Know your niche in freelancing work

When it comes to freelancing, you might be ready to take up any work that pays you. However, it is necessary to know your forte and then take up projects. But you must be wondering as to how be it possible that one has strategies in freelance work? Therefore, it is when you specialize in a particular field you know everything about it and how much time will that take. However, once you are aware of your niche you will be able to ask for the right amount and also be able to plan strategically for the assignment. Also, if you choose one freelancing service then you end up being clear about the priorities in the particular service.

Know what all you can offer

It is one of the most important decisions of all times, as you have to be clear about what services you can offer or not. However, you have to be specific about the services you offer. Therefore, this step will help you in establishing yourself as a brand. You have to take up projects that will help you reach your ultimate goal and become perfect in your field.

Know who are your clients

Freelancing is like a business or we can easily say a start-up, where you have to be cautious about the people you start your work with. Once you learn your subject for instance from a digital marketing institute, you will know a lot of things. Like you can build a website, run online ads or even write content. But you have to be specific about your clients, pitch in on new feature development for high growth technology startups or do you want to build websites for small business owners. You have to think about several possibilities like age, gender, demographic location of the client so that you know about the whereabouts.

Get your portfolio site updated

It is the best way to showcase your work; yes you’ll have to build a website. Once you enroll in a digital marketing institute, and you start learning to build a website. You can create a website that will work as a portfolio for your freelancing work. Yes, it is essential to highlight your work, as it shows who you are. It will however, include all your contact information, making it easier for your potential clients to get in touch with you. Therefore, seeing your portfolio the clients will surely choose your technical needs and would get interested.

Begin freelancing work before you quit your day job

Self-employment might look very attractive, but it is like starting your own business and it requires time. However, it is suggested that you should prepare a base for your freelancing work. It is suggested that you should start earning at least 50-75% of your current income through the freelancing projects. However, with a full-time job you will work with a lot of pressure in a tight schedule, therefore, you will work under heavy workload. These qualities will surely help you as a freelancer. Also once you are working, you take up selective work and deliver quality.

Update your skills regularly

Impressive skills are the demand of the hour; however, if you want to justify your high rates then you have to be creative. Yes, the digital field is vast and changes or gets updated frequently. You have to train yourself to come up with the best ideas for the businesses to go digital. You have to learn the skills regularly and get certified from various digital platforms, so that you gain trust of the clients.

Let people depend on you

There are several ways to build your credibility in the freelancing business. It is important to write blogs about the latest updates, yes this will surely help. As, people are on a hunt for freelancer who are like ‘know it all’ people, if you have knowledge about multiple things then the clients would surely choose you. It is like getting your website build by a person who has outstanding knowledge about SEO.

Get your pricing clear

When you work as a freelancer, it is essential to decide how much to charge. As it is a major step as determining your value is important. You need to maintain a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. But it is important that you deliver high quality work and thereafter most clients won’t hesitate to shed a good amount of money. You have to be consistent with the quality of work that your deliver to your clients. With experience, you can surely increase your rates in the future.

Build your network for better opportunities

One of the best ways to get better opportunities in the freelance work is through contacts and networks. It may be like you end up pitching your friends or former co-workers or using connections to introduce yourself to companies you want to work with. You may also start your freelancing work by just shooting mails or cold calling.

Keep your pitching game strong

Your services are your power in front of a new client; however it is essential to write a good proposal as it will help you in running a successful freelance business. It is not only about getting new clients but also about getting your value propositions. You have to put time and effort to know about the company you’ll be pitching and know about their needs and intend to maintain client relations.

Write blogs frequently

The goal of having your portfolio website is to attract clients or retain the existing clients. High quality blog content will help you attract more potential clients, as it will help you stand out within your field. It is important to give in-depth knowledge in your blogs so that people believe and end up learning from you. You will be writing for your future clients, so you have to give your best shot. Once they know your content and ideas are unique they will naturally get in touch with you. Blogs are like highest return marketing channel for your freelance business.

Guest posts are important

 Your website highlights your abilities, as it communicates the freelancing services. One of the best ways to be visible is to publish content on the pages where your potential clients spend more time. As it is not always possible that the audience directly checks your website, but you have to create a way for them to reach you. However, Neil Patel the marketing guru has also discussed about the importance of guest postings for the growth of business. It may take some time but it will surely help you eventually as you publish your write-ups and get known to your audience. The increased visibility will surely help you in a positive manner and will impact your business.


To sum up

I tried my best to share the unique insights of the freelancing world, however, if you think I have missed on any points that have helped you get better with the freelance work. Then, don’t forget to mention in the comments below as I really wish to know more about the different strategies.


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