Learn the ways to earn with Affiliate Marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money through a commission by promoting other company products or individual’s products. If you find any product interesting or you like it then promote it and earn an amount of the profit for every sale. The three major parts to earn with affiliate marketing are seller, affiliate marketer, and consumer. However, each one plays an essential role, mentioned as follows;

Seller- A seller is also known as the creator, merchant, vendor, or the retailer. It is a large or big company that creates the product or manufacturers the product. It can also be an individual who sells their products directly.

Affiliate Marketer- Also known as the publisher. They also range from entire companies to single individuals. With the help of this business, you can make a hundred dollars or more through commission every month.

Consumer- The consumer or customer is one of the most important parts of this process because without customers you can’t do anything. If there are no customers then there is no sale and without sale, you will not earn a commission. The Affiliate Marketer will try to promote their products to the customer using the various platforms including search engine, digital billboards, and social media.

Earn with affiliate marketing in 4 simple steps

The money earned in commission varies from $1 to $1000. It totally depends on the type of products you promote and the type of platforms you choose. Here, we tell you how it works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Firstly, the most important part is to join an affiliate program
  2. Choose a product to promote (you can get a different affiliate link for every single product)
  3. Share that affiliate link via blog, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Social Media, or any other digital platform.
  4. When anyone clicks on that link and makes a purchase; then you get an affiliate commission.

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Start Affiliate Marketing, NOW

You start your career as an Affiliate Marketer in many ways; here there are few methods by which you can start as a beginner.

  1. Create a blog and promote your product, however generating traffic on your blogs will help you gain more buyers.
  2. Gain traffic from a social media platform or other ways and redirect to a landing page.
  3. Make a YouTube channel and promote your products through it.

Few more steps to earn with affiliate marketing via the blog:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Select your industry then pick a product niche for your blog
  3. Choose your affiliate product and promote it
  4. Create unique content relevant to the product
  5. Gain traffic to your affiliate post or blog
  6. Use email marketing to retain the audience
  7. Focus on gaining more and more traffic and repeat this process

The reason is that blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic on your affiliate link. It requires less investment and you learn everything around it. Therefore, it is important to learn a lot of things before you jump on to Affiliate Marketing, for instance, your blog should be easily read by the audience. It is important to know your target audience and your own interest as you have to promote the affiliate products.

If you are a tech-freak then you can write blogs about mobile phones leaving a link below letting people discover your suggestions to maybe buying from the same. This way you will not only gain traffic but you will also gain trust. Becoming an affiliate marketer will help you earn from home and it is one of the best advantages of a digital marketing course.


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