Google Ads V/s Google AdWords


What are Google Ads or AdWords?

The process of advertising online using Google as an option known as Google AdWords. It is a service that is provided by Google. In this, the person who wants their Google ads should be displayed in the form of short messages or images and videos have to pay for these advertisements. We can see whenever we search or whenever we browse something online there always comes a pop up of short advertisements so those advertisements are paid the companies pay for their advertisements to Google and then Google helps them to display their advertisements where they would be relevant.

Google AdWords also helps in earning money through the service known as Pay per Click in this the no of people clicks helps you earn in every single click.  Google AdWords has been beneficial in many ways too like it helps you to reach more and more people as well you can earn too while advertising.

We came to know that Google AdWords now has been Google Ads and there are many new and helpful updates. On July 24 Google Adword became Google ads. we know that the new update is there but there are some of the same old features

#Search Network – where the ads display when we search for something in the search engine and then we see some ads so those are search networks.

#Display Network– these ads are in the form of images.

#Video– short advertisements videos mostly can seen on YouTube.

So now we will look at what exactly is changing?

Firstly the change is in the name and logo of it from Google AdWords to Google ads. The big thing is that Google made clear that new updates will not affect to the campaign performance of old. So mainly in new updates, the businesses will get many new ways and tools to reach their customer’s easily. The new update is also bringing helpful solutions for small businesses.

  • So the first update is that the ads have been smarter or it can said as (Smart Ads)

We all know that what value search has in the history and how helpful searches are for the people. We can’t deny it is also one of the ways of living for common people. Searchers are available in every corner of the world. No matter what is the search is related to Google is trying to make the search more useful and worthy. In this, every network works together to come and welcome the smart ads. Smart ads can created in minutes. Well, 90% of the advertiser’s goal is to get phone calls or customer visits there store or their online site. So when you starts advertisements with smart ads then you choose the options that will more helpful for your business. And according to the records with the help of smart ads, an advertiser was able to earn double.

  • Here comes another update that is that you can add an image to your website easily.

With the help of the new update now it’s easy and fast to add images in ads which will displayed in another party websites. In this new feature, Google will choose the best performing to keep on advertising. So this is going to be helpful for small businesses.

New Features of Google Ads

  • After comes the main new thing that is Google can work with new three Brands- after few days we can hear about three new different brands:
  • Google Ads – also known as Google AdWords now have been Google ads. It will contain all the features of adwords and many new features with it. The old features like videos, search network, display network are same but additional like automation and machine learning have added.
  • Google Ad manager – here the two tools have been combined together Double-click Ad Exchange and Double-click for publishers these both features have been added and now it is Google Ad Manager. In this platform, advertisers will get help to reach the people of different platforms like TV, gaming, live streams many more.
  • Google Marketing Platform – Double Click advertiser and Google Analytics 360 both have merged and been one function known a Google Marketing Platform. So now both of the functioning has developed in one of it.
  • The Adwords have changed its user interface.

Best change by Google now people use new user interface. Now people will have a new way. People will see it instead of old greyish look it is now more colorful with many new features. Well, this feature is still processing.


Google Ads have changed from AdWords to ads but have the same features only with a few new updates. Updates help you to work more easily and helps to advertise easier and fun. With many new different updates, ads have been more useful and it has been easier to reach people. If you want to learn more about Google Ads you can join the WAMP Digital Marketing Institute.

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